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Mind of the Maker

Mind of the Maker

Available Tuesday to Sunday throughout the year.
Designed for adults; children welcome.
Wayland, a mythical craftsman, challenges you to uncover a city transformed by imagination. Once a visionary smith sought by gods and kings alike, he now invites you on a journey of cryptic clues. On your adventure, you'll uncover a legacy of ice empires, floating literature and frozen fiery cream. Solve his final challenge, and he might have something for you. Designed for teams of up to four people at £15 per person.

Start location: The Fellow, Kings Cross
Start Time: Tue-Sun between 12pm and 2.00pm (so 2.00pm is the latest start)
Duration: 3-4 hours including two breaks, over 3 miles
Difficulty: Medium. Clues are aimed at adults. Supervised children welcome in all locations.
Local knowledge required: None.
Price: £60.00 per team

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Hunt city: London

City Image

Start Point

The Fellow, Kings Cross
24 York Way
Kings Cross
London N1 9AA

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