New Trail: Mind of the Maker

September 14, 2016

A cryptic challenge by HiddenCity, starting in Kings Cross.
Clues delivered to your phone by text message in a 3-hour experience.
£60 for a team of up to four people. Runs 29 Sep 2016 – 31 Jan 2017.  Book tickets

Mind of the Maker by HiddenCity

Become a god amongst makers

Wayland is a mythical Norse craftsman, a visionary metalsmith, once sought by gods and kings alike. But he fears that the age of the makers has now past. Do the skills of great creators: passion, imagination and resourcefulness still exist?

To find out, Wayland invites you on a trail of cryptic clues, to see if you can think like a maker. Your challenge is to carve the ice trail across London, inspired by creators from Victorian times, culminating at a crafty drinkery… one most fitting of your challenge.

Demonstrate your ingenuity and perseverance to restore Wayland’s faith, and reclaim the legendary status of the makers.

Don’t let him down: he has no time for idle minds. Succeed, though, and Wayland’s name shall grant you access to the legacy of ice empires, lyrical scents and frozen fiery cream.

Rise to the gods, and perhaps drink with them too.

Book tickets – £60 for a team of up to four.


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