Scrooge’s Cryptic Christmas Trail

November 23, 2013

The Ghost of Scrooge has risen to test your Christmas spirit: cryptic clues, sent by text, guide you along a secret trail through the city. Expect treats if you’re successful; retribution if you fail…

Take part any day between 5 December and 5 January except Christmas Day, starting at the National Gallery. £24 per team. Create your team

Dear Londoners,

One hundred and seventy years ago I discovered the spirit of Christmas. Thenceforth I lived a happy life. I told my story to your ancestors and they too learned my lessons.

One hundred and fifty years on from my death, I fear these lessons have been lost. I have risen to test you.

Follow a cryptic trail of clues to prove you have the Christmas spirit within.

Master my clues and I will guide you on a journey through a city transformed by Christmas. I will reward you with festive treats.

If the clues master you, I will know you have lost the Christmas spirit. Expect retribution.

- The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge

Create your team

A secret journey across the city

HiddenCity trails are experiences where cryptic clues guide you on a secret journey across the city. Each clue, sent by text, leads you to a new location. Get the answer right and you get the next clue.

This Christmas take part in a special experience, Scrooge’s Cryptic Christmas Trail, where your Christmas spirit will be tested by the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge has risen after 150 years to test your Christmas Spirit with a trail of cryptic Christmas clues.

Be successful and you will be rewarded with treats on route.

The clues are designed for adults. Stops for drinks at pubs and bars en route. Children are welcome if you start by 2pm.

Solve all the challenges on the trail and expect a chocolate reward from Divine Chocolates.

Over £700 of prizes to be won

You could be one of six winners to receive all six books from the Waterstones Book of the Year shortlist 2013. During the trail tweet a picture of your team, creatively demonstrating the Christmas Spirit, and mentioning @inthehiddencity. Not sent a Tweet before? Here’s how to tweet

Feeling competitive? Be the fastest team to win £200 of London books from Waterstones. But don’t forget your Christmas spirit… be patient with anyone that you meet on your journey…

Want to win? Obey the rules.

1. The team captain is the competition entrant. If you enter more than once, your first attempt is your competition entry. You must not seek help from anyone who has completed the trail.

2. How and what to win:

- Tweet a creative photograph of your team to win all six books from the Waterstones Book of the Year shortlist 2013.
- Be the fastest team during the competition period, including any time penalties, to win a £200 Waterstones voucher.

3. The competition closes at midnight on 5 January 2014.

4. You must physically visit every location.

5. We may publish entrants’ names, team names, results, photos and videos for marketing purposes. We won’t publish your email or mobile phone number.

6. Going to win? Great. If you win we’ll let you know within 21 days of the competition closing, and request details so we can deliver the prize to you. Reply within 14 days and we’ll send the prize within 14 days.

Photo credit Kevin Dooley