007: Shadow Of Spectre - a real-world game by HiddenCity

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007: Shadow Of Spectre

A treasure hunt-style experience across London,
guided by your phone

Tickets available until 31 October 2024

Intriguing mixture of hitoric and modern architecture in London. Intriguing mixture of hitoric and modern architecture in London. Intriguing mixture of hitoric and modern architecture in London.


007 has been targeted. MI6 needs you to investigate. Gather intelligence, navigate the city and solve clues in a bid to outsmart Spectre...

In collaboration with the producers of the James Bond films, 007: Shadow Of Spectre is a treasure hunt-style game which blends interactive gameplay with real-world exploration.

Your mission: become an MI6 agent, working with Moneypenny, Q Branch, and other characters to solve a trail of clues left by Bond.

To crack the case you must Read more >

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What you get

From £20 per player, you get:

  • An immersive experience across London

  • Interactive text messages and phone calls with characters in the story

  • Hands-on physical puzzles for your team to solve

  • A story that changes with the decisions you make

  • Optional breaks in pubs and cafes

  • Interactions with people in the real world

  • A reward for completing your mission, plus a place on the leaderboard


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When can I play?

The game runs every day, including bank holidays. Start your game between 11.30 and 19.30 Mon-Fri, 10.30 and 18.30 on Saturdays, and 12.05 and 16.30 on Sundays.

How long is the game?

2-3 hours across 2 miles, plus optional breaks of up to 75 minutes.

Who can play?

Agents of all ages are welcome. Under-10s go free. Agents under-18 can play if there is an adult in the team, and you complete the game by 7pm, due to licensing restrictions - so start your game by 3pm to give yourself plenty of time. This game is dog-friendly including indoor locations 🐾.

Start your game at:The Understudy bar, The National Theatre, Upper Ground, London SE1 9PX


How it works

Decipher clues, communicate with characters, solve physical puzzles, and make choices that affect your path in the story…

Watch how to play

  • Gather your friends into teams of 2-6 people.
  • Go to the start location and text "Begin".
  • Solve challenges, uncover hidden locations, and interact with people you meet and the world around you...

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