Treasure hunt style experiences across the city

Bring your group together on a real world adventure game.


In teams, solve a trail of clues sent to your phone, as you journey across the city on a treasure hunt-style experience.

Play a role in the story as you uncover secret locations, unravel riddles and solve puzzles.

Pause for food and drinks at built-in break points.

Track your team’s progress in-game via a live leaderboard.

Teams can stagger start times, allowing large groups the chance to spread out, catching up with one another again to swap stories at in-built break points.

Events can be run for up to 300 people.

Prices start from £22.22pp + VAT.

Book your game online, or call us to reserve a date. For 30 or more players you can pay by invoice.

You have full flexibility. After booking, you can add or remove players, change the date of your game, or get a full refund if your circumstances change.


Team up on Moriarty’s Game: A Killer in the Hive – an interactive, immersive crime experience, playable entirely from your home.

Play remotely or from the same location, in teams of 1-5 players.

Go head to head in multiple teams, and track your team’s progress via a live leaderboard.

Events can be run for up to 400 people.

£9.78pp + VAT.

The experience lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. Sign up now, and assign teams closer to the time. No date required on booking. The team captain of the first team will start the overall game, with each team then starting their own game and timer. You will be guided through the story and how to play as part of the game, including instructions on how to ask for hints or skip clues. No prior knowledge of how to play required.

Enjoyed by


“A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, everyone said so.” - Clare Dobson, BBC

“The clues were brilliant and set at the right level of "toughness" and, most importantly, everyone had fun! Thanks very much!” - Aman Chatur, Barclays

“Fab team building day out with great clues and interaction! So much fun!” - Stephanie Hurry, Waterwise

“Great team bonding exercise” - Frankie, Shakespeares Globe

“A team social that made everyone bond that little bit more. It was brilliant - thank you!” - Alex Harvey, Mercer

“Fantastic day out” - Samuel Guest, Pentland

clickable game card link to moriartys-game-the-professors-invitation
Play in the city - London
A journey into the world of a criminal mastermind

Perfect... A slam dunk

Huw Fullerton, Radio Times

A 3-4 hour experience starting at THE MARYLEBONE, London

£22.22 + VAT (£25 inc VAT)
Start times: Start between 10.30am and 7.30pm Mon-Sun (so latest start time is 7.30pm).

clickable game card link to the-hunt-for-the-cheshire-cat
Play in the city - London
An adventure into the strange, surreal and absurd

A wonderfully imaginative interpretation

Culture Whisper

A 3-4 hour experience starting at
The Coal Hole, London

£22.22 + VAT (£25 inc VAT)
Start times: Start between 12pm and 6pm Mon-Fri (so latest start time is 6pm), between 11am and 6pm Sat, and between 12pm and 4pm Sun.

clickable game card link to the-enchanted-mirror
Play in the city - London
A fairytale quest inspired by the world of snow white

Open up parts of the city you never knew existed

Time out London

A 3-4 hour experience starting at South Kensington Station Arcade, London

£22.22 + VAT (£25 inc VAT)
Start times: Start between 11.30am and 4.30pm Mon-Tues (so latest start time is 4.30pm), between 11.30am and 6.30pm Weds-Sat, & 12pm and 6.30pm Sun.

clickable game card link to moriartys-game-a-killer-in-the-hive
Play at home
A journey into the mind of a killer

A Thrilling immersive online game

Time Out London

A 1-1.5 hour experience, playable at home

£9.78 + VAT (£11 inc VAT)
Start times: Any time you like