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How It Works

How the games work


  1. Choose. Select one of four themed immersive games.
  2. Buy. Get tickets for your party. It's flexible: after booking you can add or remove players, change dates or get a refund if you need to.
  3. Team up. Organise into teams of two to six people.


  1. Go. Head to the start.
  2. Start. Send the message 'Begin'.
  3. Stagger. If you are playing with multiple teams you can stagger your start times. See more about large groups.


  1. Decipher. Characters will text you cryptic clues, and involve you in a story.
  2. Explore. Uncover secret locations. Find objects and speak to people you meet to help you solve the clues. Reply when you have the answer to get the next clue.
  3. Refuel. Pause for food and drinks at built-in break points.
  4. Complete. Your challenge is to find a final secret location. Games take 3-4 hours.

Try It Now

Try Professor Moriarty's test now from wherever you are in the UK. Text "I'M HERE" to 07723 482512.

The Manual

As you play the game you'll be told how to play. If you'd like to know what you're doing ahead of time, then see the player manual.