How to Play

Themed, treasure hunt-style experiences, where you journey across the city.

1. Choose a game

Choose one of nine themed adventures across London. Four games are immersive, where you play a role in the story.
The immersive games are: The Hunt for the Cheshire Cat, Moriarty’s Game, The Enchanted Mirror, and Mind of the Maker.

2. Gather
Your Friends

Organise your group into one or more teams of 2-5 players. Choose a captain for each team.

3. Book

Sign up online. Some games require a booking date.

4. Start your game

On the day of your game, head to the start location and begin the game by texting the word “start”.

5. Journey Through
the City

You'll receive cryptic clues navigating you across the city. By decoding the messages you’ll uncover a destination. If you are playing an immersive game, you'll be communicating with a character in the story.

6. Solve Clues

When you reach the destination there will be things to find, and problems to solve. If you're playing one of the immersive games you'll meet people, interact with physical puzzles, and collect tokens to help you complete the game.

7. Complete

When you have the answer, text back. If it’s correct you’ll move on to the next clue. If you get stuck you can request help. See Player Manual for more information.

8. Find a final,
secret location

By working your way through the clues your team will journey across the city. In immersive games you'll progress through the story - you are the heroes - and how the story ends is in your hands...