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The Enchanted Mirror

The Enchanted Mirror

Available 7 days a week.
Designed for adults; children welcome.
Time Out London and HiddenCity present a fairytale adventure inspired by the story of Snow White. Your challenge: in teams of up to four people, solve a trail of clues set by an evil queen, in search of a magical mirror. Stroll down cobbled streets, find a fairy tale palace and pause for drinks in tucked-away taverns. Expect to find yourself seeking out hidden objects and presenting code words to people you meet along the way. Every team can expect a sweet ending.

Start location: Victoria and Albert Museum
Start Time: Start between 11.15am and 2pm (so 2pm is latest start).
Duration: 3-4 hours including one break (3 miles)
Difficulty: Medium. Clues are aimed at adults. Supervised children welcome in all locations.
Local knowledge required: None, just bring a love for fairytales.
Price: £60.00 per team

Hunt city: London

City Image

Start Point

Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

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