The Enchanted Mirror - a real-world game by HiddenCity

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The Enchanted Mirror The Enchanted Mirror


A treasure hunt-style
experience across London,
guided by your phone


Mirror, mirror on the wall… Embark on a fairytale quest to find the Enchanted Mirror and prove yourself the wisest of them all. But beware the tricks of a deceitful Queen, and the fate of those who fail...

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What you get

For £25 per player you get:

A 3-4 hour immersive experience across South Kensington and West London

Interactive text messages and phone calls with characters in the story

A prize for every player in successful teams, as well as your place on the leaderboard

Hands-on physical puzzles for your team to solve

A story that changes with the decisions you make

Interactions with people you meet, in the real world

Optional breaks in pubs and cafes, where you can pick up refreshments


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When can I play?

The game runs every day, including bank holidays. Start between 10.15am and 6.30pm Mon-Fri (so latest start time is 6.30pm), between 11am and 6.30pm Sat, and between 12pm and 6.30pm Sun.

How long is the game?

3-4 hours across 3 miles, including optional breaks of up to 75 mins

Who can play?

Players of all ages are welcome. Under-10s go free. Under-18s must have an adult on their team. One shop along the route is not dog-friendly, but this has minimal impact on the game: one person can stay outside while another grabs the clue 🐾.

Start your game at:South Kensington Station Arcade, South Kensington, London SW7 2ND

How it works

Decipher clues, communicate with characters, solve physical puzzles, and make choices that affect your path in the story…

Watch how to play

  • Gather your friends into teams of 2-6 people.
  • Go to the start location and text "Begin".
  • Solve challenges, uncover hidden locations, and interact with people you meet and the world around you...

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