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The home experience

Solve a trail of clues on a
into the mind of a killer

Prepare for a cryptic game of cat and mouse with a criminal mastermind. Decipher his puzzles and clues in a race to find Moriarty and solve your final problem...

riddles & puzzles

For one of more players. Play collaboratively or competitively.

£15 per player


Moriarty’s Game The Home Experience is a multimedia immersive game, for one or more players, played over several weeks.

You’ll interact with characters from the world of Sherlock Holmes, by phone, text, and video.

You are the hero of your story. The decisions you make determine the fate of characters you meet, and the outcome of the game.

With multiple players you can either play collaboratively, where each person has a role to play, or competitively, in a race to find Moriarty’s safehouse.

Each player needs a mobile phone and access to the internet.

Over three episodes, expect three to six hours of gameplay, depending on your ability at solving Moriarty's challenges.

Play episode one now. Subsequent episodes follow in July.

Your £15 ticket provides you with access to all three episodes.

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