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Each city is a game where you can experience new places your own way.

Whether you’re a couple looking for something different to do, a group of friends meeting up in the city for the weekend, or you’re having a company bash, you can pick the right game for you.

How it came about

HiddenCity’s founder Rob and his brother Nick were organising a get together for some friends. They were looking for something that would appeal to all the people coming from different places, and not be too expensive.

They knew it should be in a city so everyone could go out afterwards, they knew everyone in the group liked games, and they knew pubs definitely had to be involved. Now treasure hunts always used to be quite fun… if only they could create one for adults.

Leaving clues around the city wasn’t really an option, and giving out all the clues at the beginning would be too tempting for some. It needed to be in a specific order, and be about more than just the locations. The whole thing had to be an experience. 

The answer wasn’t under their nose, but it was in their pockets: use phones… text messages! Text people a precise clue that can only be solved by going to a specific location. They had just created a new type of event, and the blueprint for HiddenCity.

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